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let’s get to business.

Why are you here?

Did you recently realize… You’re living on autopilot? Going through the motions + calling it living? Desiring change, but feeling stuck? Craving more from life, but unsure where to start?

Trust me when I say, I understand. I’ve been there... confused, lost, + fearful of the unknown; wanting more from life but not sure how to get it, feeling unfulfilled work, and tired of being a people pleaser.

I have overcome mental, emotional, + physical illness and I can sit here, with an honest heart, and say that there is MORE to life + living the life of your dreams IS possible. You can overcome your health struggles, you can feel good in your body, you can be free of judgement, and you can get to a place where you trust yourself enough to make decisions!

It’s time to get off the of the emotional rollercoaster you’rE on, and start living your life!


Hiii, I’m nina!

A former Speech Language Pathologist who decided to quit her full-time job, stop making excuses for her mediocre life, and start BEING who she always wanted to be.

Now, I guide people to do the same by helping them to switch off auto-pilot, reconnect to who they are, and redefine what love, success + happiness looks like to them.

After all, we are human BE-ings, not human DO-ings, right?


who am i?

I could sit here and write of all my achievements + accomplishments, but what is the point? My qualifications do not reflect my greatness. My perfect GPA does not determine my worth; and the fancy papers with letters after my name do not determine my value.

So instead I will say this...

We all have a story. A story we craft. A story we create through experience; and my story, like yours, shapes the way I view the world. My story shapes the woman who writes the words that fill these pages. My story is part of me, but my story does not define me.


what i do…

After struggling with physical + mental health for years, I experienced first hand how lonely of a journey healing can be; and I never wanted anyone else to feel alone on their journey to wellness, because we are all deserving of a beautiful life.

During this process I noticed there was an abundance of information out there to help people heal, but there was no “how to”, no guidelines, no starting point. So I decided to create a program where you don’t need to know how or where to start. The only thing you need to know that you WANT to start. I will help you do the rest.

In my 1:1 program, you will experience a deep sense of support, as I create a space where you will feel safe enough to get real + honest with yourself, a space where you feel safe enough get vulnerable + dive deep into your fears. Together, we will peel back the layers of self-limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck + replace them with loving new ones that align with the life you want to lead.



 So… are you ready to eliminate self limiting beliefs + start living the life of your dreams?