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The word reiki comes from the Japanese words, Rei (Universal Life) + Ki (Energy). When translated together, these words mean "the energy that flows through all living things".

As we learn in basic science, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. The practice of reiki, transforms energy in the body to promote deep relaxation, balance + healing on the physical, emotional + energetic bodies. The reiki energy does so by activating the natural healing process of the body, restoring physical + emotional well-being.

In a Reiki session, the healer channels life force energy to promote healing, balance + overall wellbeing in the body.



Sound, like reiki, is another modality utilized for promoting deep healing + relaxation in the body; and can be used to treat stress-related conditions, improve sleep + enhance mental clarity

Ever wonder why you can't help but dance to a certain song? or feel so touched by a ballad? Well, sound is a type of energy made from vibration; and again, science teaches us that all matter vibrates; thus, the human body vibrates at its own frequency. Ancient cultures understood this + recognized the power of sound as method for returning balance + healing to the body. 

In a sound session, the healer uses various instruments to produce sounds which target specific frequencies, such as: tuning forks, singing bowls, wind instruments, crystal bowls.

Read more about Sound Healing, in an article I wrote >>> Sacred Sound Healing: Using Sound to Heal the Mind + Body.


Reiki + Sound Healing Session


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