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1:1 Wellness Coaching

With guidance + support you will embark on a journey of self- discovery >>> learning to deepen the awareness of your [body, mind + spirit], identify self-limiting behaviors, discover to your true potential, + create a life of pleasure through purpose + intention.

As you embrace vulnerability, we will work together to break through the perceived fears + limitations holding you back from living to your fullest potential. You will feel begin to feel free as you stand in your power, creating a life of joy + authenticity.

Wellness Coaching is for you if you want to...

  • optimize health + wellness [i.e., illness, weight loss, fatigue]
  • love + accept yourself
  • understand your emotions  
  • create a more balanced life 
  • gain clarity on the direction of your life
  • release old habits + unproductive behaviors [i.e., toxic self-talk]
  • maintain healthy, nourishing + fulfilling relationships

Personalized coaching program includes:                                       

  • Weekly Skype Calls [approx.60 min each]
  • 1 Integration week per month
  • Summaries of calls with your goals
  • Email Support
  • Voice Note Support
  • 1 Energy Work Session per month
  • Movement + Energy practices to improve physical + mental health


Are you ready to dig deep + transform your life? Are you ready to say 'YES' to living your joy?  Are you ready to be free?

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Group Offerings in [NY]

  • Self-Care Workshops    [Westchester, NY + NYC]
  • New Moon + Full Moon Gatherings [Online + In Person]