"Working with Nina has been a powerful experience!" [1:1 Coaching]


"I have made more progress in just 6 weeks with Nina than I have in 10 years of therapy." [1:1 Coaching]

"In a few short weeks, I experienced profound changes in my thought patterns and breathing; healing in emotional and physical pain; improved communication at work and in personal relationships and unexpected abundance through recognition and monetary compensation. I would recommend Nina to those seeking a different path to healing." [1:1 Coaching]


"She is so open and caring. She gives students the safety to be vulnerable and to change." [Self Care Course]


"Very calming experience. I feel like I've opened something I didn't know was there. I feel like it's just the beginning." [Self Care Course]


"Nina is very knowledgeable about a variety of healing practices. Her genuine interest in each woman as an individual is comforting and grounding. The energy was magnetic and I have always left the session feeling better or more curious than when I started. I really appreciated that each class had an opportunity to journal, move, breath, meditate, listen to music and learn new content." [Self Care Course]