Who is Nina Passero?

I could sit here and write of all my achievements + accomplishments, but what is the point? Do my qualifications reflect my greatness? NO. Does my perfect GPA determine my worth? NO. Do the fancy papers with letters after my name determine my value? HECK NO!

So instead I will say this...

We all have a story. A story we craft. A story we create through experience; and my story, like yours, shapes the way I view the world; but my story shapes the way I view physical health, mental health + spiritual health. My story shapes the woman who writes the words that fill these pages. My story is part of me, but my story does not define me.


"What could you possibly know of life? You have barely lived yet."

A question I am often asked when people are curious of my work. At first, annoyed, I would respond saying "how is it that one can judge how much or how little a person has lived? Perhaps it is you that is not living." Now, I giggle and simply reply... 

"my experiences"

...my experiences have led me to understanding my purpose... my experiences allow me to see light where there is darkness... my experiences allow me to hold space for you... my experiences allow me to connect to you + your struggles... my experiences remind me that no matter what, I am not alone; thus, YOU are not alone.



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  • Eastern Medicine Principles
  • Herbs, Minerals, + Supplements
  • Reiki
  • Vibrational Sound 
  • Crystals
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • RYT-200 [Hatha Yoga]


  • Gastro-Intestinal Health
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Reproductive Health 
  • Weight Loss
  • Mental Health [i.e., self-harm, depression, anxiety]
  • Energetic Blockages
  • and More!